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Time:08:45 am
Current Mood:hungryhungry
Poor Kyle. Getting his new 18 year old wife pregnant and losing his job. He's totally abandoned all of his friends since his marriage, now he's down in the dumps. I miss my friend...
And my poor father. Has only been married to this woman for 2 years and 3 months. She turned horrid and crazy and hungry for his money. He doesn't even have a lot of money or make a lot of money. She's a professor at the UW and makes over &10,000/month where as my dad works for the city and makes $2,000/month. And among that she's... just crazy. I don't know, why do women have to suck!?

I love our crappy little house :) We live in this reconstructed basement/garage type unit. It's so funny. The kitchen has no appliances so we have to use plug in everything. Plug in oven, grill, stove top, griddle. There's weird nooks and crannies(sp?). The rooms aren't separate from each other. Each room has a door to the next. The kitchen directly leads to the living room which directly leads to the spare room which directly leads to the bedroom. Although the bathroom is sectioned off in between the kitchen and the living room. So if I wake up in the middle of the night to pee or get water, I have to walk all that way back! Zigzagging between the rooms. And every room's carpet is a different color! It's weird. Oh and there's a door to the tiny garage in our kitchen, there's storage in there. In the small hallway after the kitchen there are 2 more doors! 1 leads to the upstairs part of the house where the landlord lives. 1 leads to another bedroom full of storage (she tells us we can have that bedroom for ourselves if we want)and that bedroom has a door to another room full of storage! But that room may be the garage. That makes 9 doors haha.

I'm going on a hiatus. No mas motah! I desperately want to take up bikram yoga but I really don't want to do it alone. SoRa doesn't seem that thrilled to do it, nor does she have the money. Taylor sounds like she's down to do it. She's planning on moving to Kland pretty soon here. Should be this week. I really need to get in shape. I also really need to center myself. Harness my chi! Haha. I really need something calming and soothing in my life. I need to be relaxed.
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Subject:ain't nothin like a good trip to free the soul!
Time:01:13 pm
Life is rad.

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Subject:Oh yeah!
Time:02:47 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
It feels soooo good to put my two weeks in! Aah no more soup salad & breadsticks, fuck the olive garden!!!

Capri, here I come!
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Current Location:Lynnwood Library
Subject:I'm a month early
Time:03:38 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
I finally left. I feel... okay.

I enjoy maping things out...

Future plans! It's all about money, money, money.

In 2 months...
Work helllla hard for the next two months. Hustle at work. I plan to add 2,000 dollars to my savings account which would bring me a little over 5,000 . And from then
Earn lots of intrest.

In January, so 6 months from now...
Apply for a credit card. I have bad credit right now, I need to find a card that will work with my bad credit. I need to flat out establish credit.

In 5 years...
The bad credit will be taken off of my credit report. I fucked some shit up when I was 18 and it takes 7 years for the debt to be cleared from my report. From there I will

By this time I will be 25. Depending on how much money I have saved and how good my credit is, I plan on buying a home. I would like to either have a lot of roommates to help me pay for my mortgage or buy a duplex and rent the other half to another family.

My monthly expenses:
Rent: $280
Phone: $45
Grocery: $50
Entertainment: $200
= appx $575 per month. Shit I spend too much time and money going out to eat and drinking. 2 things I need to cut back on right there. I think that starting in September I will start an accurate document on my earnings and spendings.

All I want to do is establish a solid life!
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Time:10:39 pm
Current Mood:crazycrazy
My goodness, I guess every 4 months is all I update around here...

Well, the travel plans all fell through, yes we did go to Las Vegas.
Yes we did go to Dublin/Amsterdam.
Yes we did go to Costa Rica.
Shit I can even say that I was in 5 countries in one month. Well, including the states.

As of now, just workin my little butt off. We haven't really planned much for the next year. We need to settle down and let the cash flow in to save for a house. But we still do have a trip to Cabo to take advantage of.

All in all, life is good.
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Time:11:08 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
Oh wow, it has been over 4 month since my last update! I don't know where to start...

Our November Spain/London trip was great. Extremely too short to visit 2 countries though. Spain was beautiful and sunny. Everyone was pretty and most people spoke english. At least I can say I've been to Spain now! London was wonderful as usual. It was good to see Faith and Steve again. It was good to drink at the Lamb and Flag again! And fantastic to get out of the country again.

On Christmas Michael met my family for the first time finally. He was so nervous but ended up having a good time. He had something to speak about with everyone. He talked Costa Rica with Tim, beer with Jeff and cars with everybody else. We got drunk off Big E Ales Holiday Spice (delicious!). He warmed up to everybody and had a good time.

New Years was spent with Michael, Taylor, Kyle, Greg and Jim at Devon's house. 2 shots of Jameson, 1 shot of Stoli Vanilla Vodka and 2 beers later I was puking in the bathroom and being walked home and tucked into bed by Michael, I was surprised I lasted til midnight!

I have finally been promoted to server and have been having lots of fun making lots of money. It's finally easy now. But I still can't wait to leave and go somewhere else... then again that's what everybody says.

Future travel plans:
February 4th-8th ski trip in Idaho
February 21st-23rd Vegas!
April (first week of) Europe. Amsterdam and Ireland perhaps? No set schedual, we have not found any flight deals so we wont buy til we find a good deal. If we find no deal... no Europe.
April (last week of) Costa Rica. We're even brushing up on our espanol.
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Time:09:20 am
Current Mood:awakeawake
Michael isn't the type to do little romantic things for me but last night when he picked me up from work he had a sunflower in the car. I thought it was very cute and very sweet, I was excited.

Barcelona/London trip 2006 is a mere 2 months and 1 week away! Then after that, off to Arizona in December. An Amsterdam/Ireland trip is in the making. It was set for March 2007 but sadly there have been no deals on airfare for that time. We are also planning a Costa Rica trip. We'll drive there. Now that will be nuts.

I miss my little Victoria oh so much. Work is still strange without her.
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Current Music:Modest Mouse: Teeth Like God's Shoeshine
Time:10:25 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
I have been very good, very content, very busy, very happy in my state of being lately. I love the people I am surrounded by at home and at work, aside from one (hristo). I have been working hard to put in my 40 hours every week so I can take that next vacation, and that next vacation, and that next vacation... My best friend was in town this weekend and I got to spend two wonderful days with her and I did get to see all my old friends that I haven't seen in a couple months. I am hungry right now and will be going on our regular monday date to la palmera when he gets off work. I went to the mall today and bought myself two new nice crisp work shirts to make my manager happy.

Taylor and I went to the bite of Seattle on Saturday. We ate phad thai, a coconut, lemonade and ice cream. I was happy. While driving to her home, we decided that it was far too hot to be 10pm so we decided to jump in lake washington. It was wonderful, I was fully clothed.

I guess I never updated about the hike. It was quite intense. Our highest elevation was 6600 ft. We started at 1200 I believe. Our water pump broke the second day and we had to drink from the streams and eat the snow. There were times where we couldn't find flat ground by the time it got dark so we had to sleep on hills. Most of the trail was overgrown so we had to cross through the brush, soley relying on the GPS system. We crossed giant snow/ice patches. We crossed rivers and streams. At one point my shoulder ripped out of the socket. My legs are still scarred from the hike.
So we finally got to go to canada and got to have fun. I absolutely love the Cellar, it's my favorite bar in Canada. At one point we witnessed a woman trying to kill herself. A drugged lady threw her purse into traffic then climbed onto the other side of the bridge. Michael, I and a lady on a bike we're the only ones that did anything. Bike lady called the cops. Michael got her purse out of the traffic. There were dirty drugs in the purse. Crazy lady climbs back to the pedestrian side of the bridge and then walks right into traffic almost getting hit by a motorcycle. I thought to myseld that I really would see this lady die. The cops got her and sent her to get help. The end.

So long. Farewell. Goodbye.
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Time:06:29 am
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
Goodbye to all humanity... for the next six days.

I will be out and about on my 50 mile hike through the North Cascades.

And I will not see a soul.
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Current Music:Mudvayne: Mutatis Mutandis
Time:02:39 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
SO! Sasquatch festival was last night. Fucking awesome. A moment-to-moment list of events that happened...
While walking down to the ground area I stepped in a pothole and sprained my ankle. It hurt bad but said fuck it and continued to have fun.
First band: Wolfmother. Good. Everyone was chill at this point, just enjoying the music like normal.
Second band: Land of Dead. Funny looking but a fun band. People started getting into it, we were in the pit thrashing around and pushing people. Gool ol times!
Third Band: TV on the radio. Good music to listen to but not to jump around and have fun to.
Fourth band: HIM. By this point the massive mound of people that was general admission had managed to squish themselves massively amongst eachother. Michael and I were three people shy of the gate. By this time I was in misery for I am chlosterphobic (sp) so I couldn't breath. I was sinking in and clung for dear life onto Michael. All my clothes were falling off I couldn't move an inch. My hair was literally being ripped out by other people. Everyone surrounding me was massive and I couldn't see nor could they hear me scream because they were moshing on my face. Ugh. But I sucked it up and stayed hardcore there.
Fifth band: Bauhause. I didn't pay much attention to these guys, I was mainly worried about breathing. We managed to squeeze up a little further leaving about one and a half people between me and the gate. The further you get up the more stable people are and the less they move from side to side so I no longer felt as if I were going to fall under. BUT the more it felt like my insides were going to inplode, everyone was trying to get up front but we wouldn't let them, they pushed forward, we pushed back. I saw girl after girl getting out becuase they couldn't stand it. I survived the entire hour of this band's show but once they ended I havd to get out. I was really upset that I wasn't hardcore enough to stay in the pit but still pretty proud of myself for staying in it for six hours. Once I was pulled out I tailed around to the side of the stage but I was up on the gate in the front (we had been front and center).
Finally, Nine inch nails! They were amaaaazing! Trent was so... trenty :) I was glad I got pulled out cause the spot I was in I got to move, dance, thrash my head around. I saw my cousin crowed surf and get pulled out that was awesome! I really wish I could have been there with Michael through the NIN show thought, some of the songs just made me want to hold and kiss him *sigh* oh well he had fun being ten feet from trent :)
And that's all. I <3 NIN.
Oh and my foot still hurts and is all swollen and I am limping. I have bruises. I am hardcore.
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